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Hello! My name is Dr Lori Beth and I am a clinical psychologist and an intimacy coach.   Welcome to the A to Z of Sex podcast.  I created this show to provide a forum for exploring intimacy, sex and sexuality from all angles.   I wanted to create a space where all types of people from all walks of life could talk about their experiences of intimacy, share their stories of failure and success, share strategies to create more exciting sex lives, provide out of the box solutions to common sexual issues, and inspire each other to seek authentic intimate experiences and relationships.

So this podcast is part education from peers and experts and part story telling.    The episodes are pretty explicit most of the time as I encourage people to actually talk about sex instead of talking around sex.  Some of the viewpoints may be challenging to listeners.  Some of them are challenging for me!  I ask you all to listen with an open mind and consider what new ideas you might bring into your intimate life.  Even if you disagree with a suggestion or are not OK with a sexual activity that is discussed, at least you will be learning more about your own authentic passion map.

Finally, I hope that listeners will get in touch with comments and also questions.  Every quarter I will invite some listeners on the show to ask questions in person and to get them answered via a panel.  Each week I will answer a question or two received in the previous weeks.

When we finish the alphabet we will start again!  There are so many words, concepts and activities to explore!  Thank you for joining me to learn your sexy ABC’s.  For more information, intimacy coaching and upcoming events, find me on https://drloribethbisbey.com and http://www.atozofsex.com


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