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Hi everyone!  Welcome to the A to Z of Sex.  I’m Dr Lori Beth and I am your host.  We are working our way through the erotic alphabet one letter at a time.  Today’s letter is G and G is for gay. Gay is the term often used mean a man whose sexual identity is homosexual. The term originated as early as 1637 when in the Oxford English Dictionary to be gay referred to someone who was addicted to social pleasures or of loose morals’. The term evolved through the 1800’s when it referred to both female and male prostitutes. By the time the 1930’s arrived it was being used in its current usage.

Today I am joined by Dominic Davies is a clinical sexologist and psychotherapist who co-edited the first British textbooks on working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender clients. He founded Pink Therapy, the UK’s leading independent therapy organisation which also runs an extensive training programme for therapists at home and abroad.

Hello Dominic.  Thanks for joining me today.

Dominic answered the following questions as part of our conversation.  Listen for the answers!

Question 1:  Do you see being gay as inborn?

Question 2: Do you see sexuality as black and white or are there shades of grey?

Question 3: Why is coming out important for gay men?

Question 4:  Biggest challenges to being a gay man in the modern world?

Question 5:  The greatest joys of being a gay man in the modern world?

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