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8 Lessons ANYONE Can Learn From Long Distance Relationships

Stir it up a little — or a lot!

Long distance relationships that survive can teach all of us how to keep a relationship alive and vibrant.

I was in a long distance relationship (LDR) — 5,450 miles as the crow flies — for 5 ½ years before I married my man, and then another five months before we were able to finally live in the same location. In that time I learned a lot that I am able to use with ALL my clients who are seeking to keep their relationships vibrant and exciting.

Here are 8 lessons anyone can learn from long distance relationships.

1. Take time to talk every day.

Living together often leads to routines that lead us into ruts. Not talking deeply and often is one of the most common routines.I often hear someone just beginning a relationship say how wonderful it is that she feels comfortable being silent with her partner, when they actually spend most of their time together talking and learning more about each other. Then six months later, the same person will complain that there are long silences, and meals are taken in front of the TV or while reading on their phones.

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