I was talking with my sister, Mrs. Blue Frost, about how important it is to know what you bring to the table in a relationship, whether it’s monogamous, you’re part […]

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How Do I Know If Polyamory Is For Me?

Curious about polyamory? Is polyamory right for you? Many people say yes but only you will know for sure. Let's explore this openly so you can dig in more deeply... it all begins by getting educated to what polyamory IS and is NOT. Let's start…

When Bisexuality is Seen as a Cop Out, Damage is Lasting

Some say bisexuality, like fibromyalgia, is imaginary. Both straight and gay find those of us who have attractions to both or all genders difficult to deal with.  People call us greedy, tell us there is no such thing as bisexual, tell us we…
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6 Barriers to Sex Education Every Parent Needs to Know

6 Barriers to Sex Education Every Parent Needs to Know So many parents become anxious when the subject of sex comes up in relation to their children.    It can feel incredibly awkward to try to explain to your child all aspects of the birds…
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Is Polyamory with a Monogamous Partner Possible?

I am asked this question more than almost any other question about polyamory.   My short answer – yes, it is possible.  However, to make a polyamorous /monogamous relationship work takes partners who are secure in themselves and their choices,…
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What’s the Best Sex Advice Book? (Hard to Say but Here’s My Top 5)

Finding sex advice can be tricky.  It can be difficult to tell the true from the false.  In 2017, the first place most of us go is to Google.   Many you may want more in depth information which can be hard to find online.   Many people…

How to Support (and Still Be Sexual With) Your Girlfriend With Sexual Trauma

I often get asked by men how to help their partners who have experienced sexual trauma.  They have questions about talking to their partners about the trauma, managing and helping with symptoms and how to have a fulfilling sex life without…
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Here’s How Female Orgasms Happen (or in some cases don’t!)

For the full article, please go to Yourtango.com Orgasms come in so many shapes, sizes, and patterns! How much do you really know about orgasms? I personally had painfully little knowledge when I started having sex with others. The…
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C is for Come

C is for Come …   Come or cum is defined as slang for orgasm.   When talking about sex, coming is often the central topic as it is frequently the main goal.    Many people define good sex as sex in which all who are involved reach orgasm. …
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What I Learned from Men Who Find Bisexual Women Smokin’ Hot

Because they think that this means they might get to indulge in two of the most common male fantasies:  Watching two women getting hot and sexual together and having a threesome with two women. It’s the fantasy that most men bring…