P is for Perimenopause

P is for Perimenopause.  This week I am joined by Qiana ‘Mrs Blue Frost’ Green to talk about all things perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause.  The changes our bodies go during this transition can be frightening at the very least.  Up to date information is often missing.

It is one of the most intense rites of passage for women and there is no standard idea across doctors as to when to diagnose perimenopause.

Frequently women are embarrassed as perimenopause starts and it can be hard to open up to others about the most intimate symptoms in particular (like painful sex for example).  Many doctors are not educated in the variety of approaches to manage this inevitable transition.

Qiana and I have a 6 month group dedicated to these rites of passage – focusing on lived experience with our bodies, minds and the impact upon our lives.  To join the group follow the link below.


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