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Sex Spoken Here: Sex Love Stories:  Isabelle Lauren

Welcome to my virtual therapy room!  I am Dr Lori Beth Bisbey and this is Sex Spoken Here. Remember that this podcast deals with adult themes so if you don’t have privacy you might wish to put on your headphones.

Today I have another sex love story for you.

We will be talking about female sexuality, problems with libido and the joy of regaining it.

Joining me is Isabelle Lauren.  She is a 40 year old married mother of two who loves blogging about sex.  She struggled with endometriosis for most of her adult life and has now experienced a sexual reawakening after a hysterectomy 18 months ago and is enjoying her newfound libido.  She is passionate about female sexuality.

Isabelle Lauren is a sex blogger who is passionate about promoting female sexuality.  She is a 40 year old married mother of tw who has experienced a sexual reawakening after having had a hysterectomy a year and a half ago.  She writes openly about sex on her blog, reviews the odd sex toy and writes some erotica.

I asked Isabelle to tell me about her background and culture.   She told me she is Dutch and was brought up in a conservative Christian home.

I asked about her first sexual awareness and she said that she had no real sexual awareness before her first boyfriend at 19 years old as her family did not talk about sex.  She said that she was brought up that sex is for procreation only and that she was given the biological facts with very little else and no knowledge about pleasure at all.

She described her first sexual experience as very pleasurable though looking back she was dismayed that the man had to teach her about her own body because she had no idea what orgasm was or what the feelings she was having were.  She said that after this relationship ended she met her husband who had a lot of sexual experience.  She described this as good for her at the time but again that she felt dismayed that she did not know about her own body.  She said they had an active sex life and high libidos.

Isabelle Lauren said that her endometriosis began when she was 12 and that she had considerable pain around her period.

She said that she had problems on and off and after the birth of her first child, she had treatment.  This helped but the growths came back following the birth of her second child and that becoming aroused would cause pain.  She later found out that this is because she also had growths in the uterine wall so anytime her uterus contracted (like with arousal) she experienced pain.  This led to a complete loss of libido and so her marriage became sexless for a number of years until she had a hysterectomy 18 months ago.  She spoke about how hard this was on their relationship and that she would give him oral sex yet she could not enter into it and allow herself to get turned on or she would experience pain.

Isabelle Lauren said that her libido returned as soon as she had the hysterectomy and she has been enjoying her renewed sex life with her husband.

She says that her libido is now higher than her husband’s libido and that she has discovered sex toys that are amazing.  She said she began to blog about sex and found a community of people who had similar experiences and how important it was to be able to talk with people about all aspects of sex and sexuality.  She talked about joining Scarlet Ladies and how much she enjoys the community.    She said that she and her husband are much closer now that they have been able to resume their sex life and spoke of being grateful that he stuck with her throughout this long ordeal.

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Today we spoke about lack of libido, reawakening libido, endometriosis, and the importance of understanding your body and being able to communicate about what turns you on.  If you were triggered or if this resonates with you, do email me at drbisbey@drloribethbisbey.com.  In addition to emailing me at drbisbey@drloribethbisbey.com for more information, you can find resources on the podcast pages as part of the podcast notes.

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