About Dr. Lori Beth

Open House The Great Sex Experiment - Dr Lori Beth

Dr Lori Beth Bisbey is a GSRD (gender, sex, relationship diversity) therapist,  sex & intimacy coach and psychologist whose expertise lies in working with individuals, couples, and groups to explore their sexuality, gender and relationship styles, discover a deeper level of sexual congruence, heal from past trauma, as well as create more meaningful, pleasurable, exciting, and authentic intimate relationships.

On a mission to create an open dialogue about sex, relationships, and self-expression, Dr Lori Beth is the specialist relationship therapist guiding couples on Open House: The Great Sex Experiment (Firecracker Films, Channel 4) and the host of the popular podcast The A To Z Of Sex®. She’s also a passionate speaker, dynamic workshop/retreat facilitator, and sought after expert in the media on the topics of sex, relationship style, intimacy, and trauma.

Whether you are craving more congruence in your sexual or relationship presentation, curious about kink, non-monogamy, and/or recovering from sexual trauma, I want you to know YOU are enough.

I not only have a professional understanding of what you might be going through and/or wanting to explore. My personal history and past experiences help me more deeply understand and support my clients. Growing up, I knew I was queer before I had the label to self-identify. At 19, I was held captive, beaten and repeatedly raped for 5 days by a man I knew. I didn’t fully recover from this trauma for over a decade. During that time, I suffered with PTSD, and made poor relationship choices.  I only shared my suffering with my therapists, coaches, and a few close friends for much of that time. I’ve been married 3 times. My first marriage was sexless. My second marriage gave me my son whom I adore (but was also pretty much sexless). My third husband and I allow each other to live as fully congruent and wholly satisfied consensually non-monogamous people. I identify as a queer polyamorous leatherwoman and I am married to a bisexual polyamorous leatherman. I am in a full-time authority transfer based relationship with my husband.

I know what it feels like not to fit in. I also know the pain of NOT living in the fullest expression of who I am sexually.

I’m on a mission to change conversations about sex and sexuality while making it safe, comfortable, and acceptable to fully express yourself and your desires. I want people understand that there are choices and to learn to choose what resonates with them. Whether you resonate with an alternative lifestyle or a traditional one, you have every right to enjoy an authentic intimate life. I’m honoured to facilitate your exploration, expressing, and experiencing congruent sexuality and relationships.

This journey is as unique as your fingerprint. It’s time to live as all of who you are.