Latest Past Events

Setting Boundaries


In this Master Skill-Building Class, we’ll explore how boundaries keep us safe by allowing us to control the level of emotional, social and physical intimacy we have with others.  During this two-hour class, we’ll discuss: Types of boundaries Context of boundaries Where we learn boundaries (families/cultural) How to determine your social, emotional and physical boundaries. […]

£25.00 – £147.00

LHOCC presents Notorious’ Night Out

Zoom Check In

Imagine being able to plan your own evening at a party on a platform that allows you to virtually move from room to room, just as you would when you’re at a dungeon or party.  Enter private rooms or observe in the open. Mingle with friends that you’ll be able to see and speak to […]

£15.00 – £87.00

Risk Assessment


We do risk assessments in business and about money all the time. Why don't we do these in relationships? Why do so many people choose the same bad relationships? How can you avoid being vulnerable to predators, bad boyfriend/girlfriends and just bad relationships for you? In this 4 hour intensive, you will learn information and […]