Living A Surrendered Life: A Conversation with Mrs Blue Frost and Dr Lori Beth Bisbey

In this video Dr Lori Beth Bisbey and Mrs Blue Frost talk about living a surrendered life.  They answer questions about everything from managing day to day life in a power exchange relationship to the difference between submission and surrender.

If you have ever wondered what it is like to live long-term in an authority transfer based relationship on the submissive side of the slash, this is the class for you.

BlueFrost, devoted slave and wife to Mister-Blue, was the 2018 International slave title holder and the 2017 NorthEast slave title holder. She is the co-founder and co-visionary of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition and is the Mistress of the House of Blue. Together with her Master, she received the Pantheon of Leather Award for 2018 Couple of the Year. She serves on the staff of the Master/slave Conference where she first embraced her slave identity and found her power in service.

She has been active in her local community for many years as she enjoys sharing life choice experiences and information with others. She routinely speaks at national conferences, special interest groups and local munches in an effort to help further educate herself and her peers. Her journey has been nothing short of amazing as she travels the country, affirming the validity and successes of living an authority transfer relationship.

As an associate member of a larger group of Leather families, she is known by many as a friend, life choice coach, mentor, and sister. Mentored by elders in her community, she strives to not only carry the torch to light the path for others, but to also brighten her own personal path to excellence in service.

Dr Lori Beth Bisbey has been involved in power exchange relationships since 1980.  She has been slave of Master Morloki since 2009 and slave of Master DK as well since autumn 2020.  She has taught at a wide variety of events, serves on the board of Leather Houses of Color Coalition and is the alpha slave of Fendragon Pack.


In this video Mrs Blue Frost and Dr Lori Beth Bisbey talk about surrender in the context of long-term authority transfer/ power exchange based relationships.  They cover the difference between submission and surrender, the intersection between polyamory and power exchange dynamics, self-care, daily life and answer a wide variety of questions. Recorded 15 February 2021