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B is for Bisexual Layla Rashaan 002

I’m your host, Dr Lori Beth. Each week we look at one word from one letter of the erotic alphabet. Today the letter is B and the word is Bisexual.   Bisexual is most simply defined as attracted to both men and women. This modern use of the term originated in 1892 with American neurologist Charles Gilbert Chaddock in his translation of Kraft Ebbing’s Psychopathia Sexualis.

Bisexuality is often overlooked or erased in both heterosexual and homosexual circles. In the acronym LGBT and sometimes Q – the B is often silent. We are told that we are greedy by many. People who identify as gay often tell us that we are really gay but not willing to come out. People who identify as straight often tell us that we just need to meet the right person and we will realise we are simply straight. Bisexual women are often fetishized by men.

Here with me today is Layla Rashaan, a polyamorous married bisexual woman. Our interview covers a very personal view of being a bisexual woman in the modern age. We cover some of the positive and some of the negatives associated with identifying as bisexual and living as bisexual. This episode is graphic and very personal.

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