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A Notorious Self-Care Sunday

A large part of self-care is doing things that not only make sure you are looking after yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But we often forget about pleasure.

Raising your pleasure quotient is an essential part of self-care.

As a sex & intimacy coach, I spend a lot of time helping people to embrace pleasure and increase their pleasure quotient. (Yes, there is a pleasure quotient!) Today, I am sharing my formula for increasing your pleasure and self-care.

First, have a self-pleasure day. Yes, a whole day. Begin with breakfast in bed, eating the most decadent foods. Spend time in solo sex. Buy yourself a new sex toy in anticipation of your self-pleasure day.I recommend Tenga’s Midori as an excellent external buzzy toy. But if you’re looking for a certain spot, the Osci 2 by Lovense is an amazing G-spot toy that can also be app-controlled (!). Last but not least is a personal favorite, the O-Wand, which provides an amazing cord-free wand experience. (For 10% off on the O-Wand, use the code DrLori10.)

Plan your day. Spend at least a couple of hours in sensual and pleasure-based pursuits. Read some erotica, listen to some erotica, or watch some erotica. This shouldn’t be goal-oriented (though if you have some orgasms along the way – fantastic). The goal is to increase your pleasure overall.

Add a partner. If you have a partner, have a day that you are sensual together. Plan the day so you are doing things that bring each other pleasure from massage to hot sex to role play. Enjoy your favourite foods together – but feed each other. The goal of a mutual self-pleasure day is to increase pleasure and intimacy during the whole experience.

Looking to level up? If you are feeling adventurous, get a yoni massage. This is a massage by a sexological bodyworker and the massage is both sexual and deeply releasing. You may also try taking a class to improve your sexual skills or exploring a new area of sexual or sensual pleasure.

Make your day about you. Enjoy every minute. You deserve it.

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