Ask Dr Lori Beth® a Question – Video response

Just have one burning question that you want to ask a sex coach or therapist?

Have a question that is intensely private or you want advice on your individual situation?

Don’t be shy!  These are the subjects I routinely get asked about:

Is (name any fetish you can think of) normal?

How do I introduce non-monogamy, kink or BDSM to my partner?

Where can I meet people who are into the same things I am into?

How do I know what type of relationship is for me?

Is (name the sexual act, type of relationship, fetish) healthy?

What can I do to get past my trauma?

Am I (gay, dominant, bisexual, transgender, polyamorous etc)?

What does BDSM really consist of?

How can I have anal sex without pain?

Best tip from a sex coach to give good oral sex?

How do I tell my (partner, date) that I am not attracted to them?

What do I do if someone smells badly or has bad hygiene?

I experienced sexual assault and now I fantasise about it, is this normal?

My partner and I have different levels of desire, difference desires, different needs – what do we do?

Ask a sex coach how to enter the profession?

And so many more subjects!

I will respond to your question via private video and sometimes will include extra resources.


Always wanted to ask as sex coach / therapist a question in private?  Here is the opportunity to ask Dr Lori Beth® any question and get a video response.  Questions about relationships, relationships styles, sex, intimacy, all types of desire, and trauma answered with compassion.