Dancing the Edge to Reclaiming Your Reality: Essential Life Skills for Gaslighting (and Trauma) Survivors


Dancing the edge to reclaiming your reality is a much needed book to help survivors of all kinds navigate the world of sex and relationships. Dr Lori Beth Bisbey rightly puts the childhood experience of gaslighting right at the heart of the struggles which so many of us face trusting our feelings… and finding safe enough relationships… This is an optimistic, inclusive book which provides a great relationship toolkit whatever your sexuality or relationship style.

Dr Meg-John Barker, ReWriting the Rules, Queer: A Graphic History and many other titles.

People frequently come to therapy and coaching believing they are broken. They have been told this by partners, friends, family, teachers, therapists, counsellors and doctors. Caregivers, partners, well-meaning people tell them they feel these things, make these bad choices because they are broken. Over the past 33 years, I have worked with thousands of people and the vast majority of them don’t have something fundamentally wrong with them, they are simply missing skills.

This book is made up of education about the skills, examples, and plans to learn the skills complete with exercises.