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Dancing the Edge to Surrender: An Erotic Memoir of Trauma and Survival

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There is light no matter how long you have been in the darkness, it is a matter of learning how to kindle the flame and light the torch.

Drawing on her wealth of expertise as a trauma therapist, sex coach, and leading name in the BDSM world… we are left optimistic that it is possible to heal from trauma and find transcendence through the erotic’ Dr Meg-John Barker, author of Rewriting the Rules, Enjoy Sex and Queer: a Graphic history

This book pairs my erotica with the true story of my intimate relationships then adds my analysis of the main themes around trauma, emotional skills and authenticity. Nietzsche said ’That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger’. My story bears this out on more than one occasion. My erotica is as intense and challenging as is my life story. It is full of BDSM, fetish and power exchange dynamics. The lines between the fantasy and my lived reality are easily blurred. I hope this book will excite, inspire and open doors.