On the Demise of Roe v Wade

roe v wade

Shortly after the leak regarding Roe v Wade, I read a piece by Amanda Taub about Lord Matthew Hale in the New York Times. For those of you unfamiliar, he was the 17th century British judge whose views about women’s rights (or lack there of) in marriage remain part of British common law and as a result formed the basis of common law in all of the colonies including the United States. The main theme of Lord Hale’s legal opinions was that giving women rights, particularly over their own bodies, threatens men. Please read that again.

Create Your Ideal Relationship(s)

I was talking with my sister, Mrs. Blue Frost, about how important it is to know what you bring to the table in a relationship, whether it’s monogamous, you’re part of a triad, you’re in a poly dynamic, or you’re grown folkin’. Frost shared that she is continually examining and refining her personal foundation, her […]

LinkedIn is NOT a Dating App: Etiquette and Boundaries on Social Media

social media

Because I specialise in sex, intimacy and relationships, my social media content is often all about sex. My profile headshot is considered sexy by some because my cleavage is visible.  My bios clearly state that I am a coach, a therapist, an educator, a writer, a speaker, and a media host.  I listen, talk and write for a […]

Structuring Polyamorous Relationships: Can We Really Remove Hierarchy?

polyamorous relationships

In the 21stcentury, all varieties of consensual nonmonogamy have become trendy.  From Cosmopolitan to The New York Times to The Guardian articles and exposés about polyamory abound. Over and over, I read about the best ways and even the right way to do nonmonogamy and polyamorous relationships. As a sex & intimacy coach and a psychologist therapist who works […]

Is Polyamory with a Monogamous Partner Possible? Poly/Mono Relationships 2.0

poly/mono relationships

This is in update to my article done in January 2017. I have had more feedback on this blog post than on any other. Many people have written to get advice on their individual situations. This illustrates how complex it is to find an arrangement that works when dealing with a mixed poly/mono couple or […]

Non-Monogamy and Hierarchical Relationships: From Polyamory to Owner Loaner Model

owner loaner

Polyamorous relationships come in an infinite number of configurations. For more about how different open relationships might look including an owner loaner relationship, you can find one of my articles hereand a seriesof podcastshere. D/s relationships are ones in which dominance and submission are the primary feature.  D/s relationships are authority transfer based relationships because the submissive gives authority over […]