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Why Walking Dates Are *The Best* First Dates

Walking dates have become extremely popular during the pandemic as for a while they were considered one of the “safer” date possibilities. I’ve been thinking about boundaries and manifesting your ideal relationship. And this had me pondering the pros and cons of returning to a more “old-fashioned” first date. 

WARNING: Before you come for me in the comments, please know that I am all about risk assessment and reality checking when meeting a potential partner for the first time. Life is too short and precious to waste time investing in (read: getting stuck in) a relationship that isn’t right for you.

So what are the pros of a walking date? It’s healthy. You’re exercising. They are exercising. You’re not sitting and eating (like a more traditional date). While lunch and dinner dates can be fun, they can also prove lengthy if you know immediately that this isn’t a match. 

Another big benefit to a walking date is that being in nature and fresh air is a proven mood booster, which could help with any pre-date jitters. When you are walking, the emphasis is on talking rather than sex or touching. You have a chance to really get to know the other person as opposed to going to see a film, attending an event or going on another group excursion.

There wouldn’t be pros without cons. There are a few things to consider when proposing a walking date. First, it can be harder for people with disabilities or “hidden” illnesses. If someone doesn’t want to go on a walking date, I advise not making a big deal of it. Mother Nature can play a big factor in the execution of your date (especially if you live in the UK). Last but not least, some people may find a walking date boring. If you are an outdoorsy person, this certainly gives you some information about compatibility before your meet. 

A walking date is always a good idea. Perhaps this is not a new relationship but a seasoned romance. The sentiment of sharing conversation and enjoying the fresh air still applies. I would definitely recommend long-term partners schedule periodic walking dates to reconnect.

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