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I is for Ick

This week on the A to Z of Sex® I is for Ick.  I am joined by Anna Burtt and Kitty Winks, authors of the Little Book of Ick, 500 reasons to get over them for good! Anna Burtt has worked in publishing for almost a decade and is currently Head of Events at a global writing consultancy. She is the host of the Brighton Book Club on Radio Reverb and has run a successful writing group for the last four years. She’s recently finished her first novel, which is set in Yorkshire and explores grief, sexuality, intergenerational friendships and drag. Kitty Winks is a writer, focusing on modern sex, dating and relationships – known for her brutally honest opinions and refusal to conform to the norm. Kitty has previously worked as a bookseller, a museum guide and is the co-author of The Little Book of Ick.

Our conversation started with the ick and moved from there to why choking is so popular, sleeping in separate bedrooms and to how to wash your legs properly. There are serious moments and lots of laughter.

So many of us have specific things that will just turn us off in an instant. These quirks can make the difference between a great erotic relationship and one that never gets off the ground.

Erotic relationships have so many components that are not conscious. They are sensory, positive triggers, social cues. These are where the icks can often be found.

The best we can do is catalogue known icks and when we are considering someone for an erotic relationship, make sure that these are not present.

If you are interested in more about choosing your erotic relationships and how to create the ones that will work best for you, check out the A to Z of Sex® back catalogue.

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